Disney's California Adventure

Fewer companies know how to connect with people of every age like that of the Walt Disney Corporation. In Anaheim, California, tourists learn that first hand. Disney’s California Adventure theme park is one that creates fun for all ages, and has an atmosphere that rivals fail to compete with. The 55 acre park connects directly to the Disneyland Resort of Anaheim and the Disneyland Park. Like most Disney theme parks, Disney characters can be seen throughout the area, greeting and interacting with patrons no matter the time of day. Performances are another of the day to day activities that can be viewed at the theme park, including the High School Musical 3 production that travels the parade route 5 days a week. World of Color is the newest attraction to stir Ooo’s and Ahh’s, as a hydrotechnic show over Paradise Bay.

Each of Disney’s California Adventure areas is designed to boast the best parts about the state. In Sunshine Plaza, the main entrance, there are many mock-ups and murals, like those of the California mountain ranges and a mini Golden Gate Bridge. From here, you can venture to Paradise Pier, where the landscape and décor embody the boardwalks of California. It houses rides like California Screamin’, Mickey’s Fun Wheel (a 160 foot Ferris wheel), the Mailboomer, Toy Story Midway Mania, and more. The Golden State area is divided into sub lands that highlight California’s natural settings. Rides include Soarin’ Over California (a virtual hand gliding experience) and Grizzly River Run, as well as the soon to be constructed Ariel’s Underwater Adventure. This section also houses performances by Disney’s Little Bear and attractions for grown-ups like Golden Vine Winery and food factory tours. The next park area is called the Hollywood Pictures Backlot, which is designed to look like the movie backlots and Hollywood Boulevard. It houses Hollywood, TV, and Movie themed attractions like The Tower of Terror and Mosters, Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue! In the A Bug’s Land area, children and adults can live the life of a bug in the Disney film “A Bug’s Life”. Oversized human items throughout the area will make you feel the size of a bug, too. Francis' Ladybug Boogie, Tuck & Rolls Drive em' Buggies, and Dot's Puddle Park are just a few of the kid-friendly attractions.

Whether you are 5 years old or 50, this park has everything you need for a day, or even a week, of fun and entertainment. In celebrating the beauty and richness of California, The California Adventure theme park certainly brings visitors in on the magic, and sends them home happy.