Family Travel Fun in Miami

When some people think about Miami, they think about the night life, celebrities.  Miami does have all those things, but it also has many family fun activities and attractions for visitors or residents.  Miami has many local attractions, natural and man-made, great places to shop and all around fun.   When people visit Miami it is usually have lots of fun.  One thing to remember is that Miami does have a lot of traffic.  You should allot some extra travel around the city. 

Miami Metrozoo

Miami Metrozoo is one stop that families will enjoy.   The zoo is located in southern Dade County and is accessible from the Florida Turnpike.  Miami Metrozoo houses many different animals, a small playground and splash play area.  There are also live animal shows, and guided tours offered throughout the day.   
Not all the exhibits are outside.  You can take a break from the heat in some of air conditioned exhibits that Miami Metrozoo has to offer kids and adults. 

Dr. Wilde’s World

Dr. Wilde’s World is an interactive air conditioned area that has children and adults getting hands on with many different interactive exhibits.  Microscopes allow visitors to explore the microscopic world around us all.  Binoculars allow kids to have a virtual safari. 


Toadstool is an air conditioned area that has small animals for all to see and some are available to be touched.
Toadstool is a part of Miami Metrozoo’s Mercantile Commercebank Children’s Zoo.  In this area there are a lot of fun activities for children to do.  Children can go to toadstool, take a real ride on a camel, get goodies from a snack bar, ride an animal themed carousel with rides in the image of endangered animals, and see a butterfly garden.  

Miami’s Children Museum

Miami’s Children Museum has many different exhibits and activities for kids to explore and learn about the world around them.  Areas and locations that children will find in the South Florida have become miniature exhibits at the museum.  Children will go aboard miniature a cruise ship, explore the mini Port of Miami, and visit a compact Everglades Park.  Children can also see different areas of Miami during different times in history.

Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium allows visitors to get a close-up look at aquatic life.   There are several shows throughout the day: Top Deck Dolphin Show, Golden Dome Sea Lion Show, Killer Whale and Dolphin Show , and Flipper Dolphin Show.  Along with the shows, there are many different presentations and exhibits.  Seaquarium visitors get to watch a shark being fed by a trainer.  There is also the opportunity to for guests to feed seals and sea lions.  Children can also enjoy the playground.  

Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle allows visitors and up close look at monkeys that live on a 30 acre preserve.    Despite its name Monkey Jungle houses primates other that monkeys at their facility.   Black-capped capuchins, brown headed spider monkey, diana monkeys, howler monkeys, java or crab-eating macaque, red handed tamarin, orangutans, squirrel monkeys, and white handed gibbons are the primates that roam around Monkey Jungle.  Monkey Jungle is located in South Dade County right off US. 1.

Everglades Alligator farm

One animal that Florida is known for is the alligator.  Everglades Alligator Farm breeds and raises alligators.  There are alligator and snake shows.  Visitors can also get a glimpse of several different crocodiles.   There is also an opportunity to take an air boat tour.

South Florida Beaches

If you are going to visit Miami you might as well visit the beaches.  There are miles of beaches to enjoy.  While spending time on the beach you may catch a glimpse of some celebrities.  Along with enjoying time on the beach, there are many different boat tours that take visitors along Miami Beach.