Fun Family Hawaiian Vacation

One of the most common answers people come up with when they are asked where they'd like to vacation is Hawaii. It's no secret that the tropical island is a point of interest for many people and their families. With water surrounding the land, plenty of pineapples to eat and, unlike other places of interest like the Bahamas, not needing a passport, Hawaii is a very popular and ideal vacation of choice.

There are a variety of activities and places to visit when taking a family vacation to Hawaii. For starters, there is the Turtle Bay Resort, consisting of 880 acres and over 5 miles of beach in the northern coast of Hawaii, in Oahu. One of the most popular features of Turtle Bay is its novelty pool with waterfalls, water slide and on-property snorkeling. Horse riding is also offered here. For those interested in surfing, there are on-site classes available for anyone as young as five and older. Be sure to ask about family packages.

One of the most critically acclaimed beaches by vacationers and residents alike would have to be Waikiki Beach. It is usually pretty busy and is absolutely very famous. Despite its high traffic, it is still a good choice for families to visit and bask under the sunlight.

Another option is to stay at the Grand Wailea Resort and Spa. Let mom and her daughters have a few hours to themselves as they enjoy the latter feature of the resort in question! Nine pools call themselves home here, connected by a lazy river that, in some parts, speeds up to white water. With features like jungle pools, Tarzan rope swing, caves, Baby Beach, infant pools and water slides, it's impossible to go wrong with even the most diverse family!

If not traveling to the northern parts of Hawaii and happen to be traveling a little farther west, then a highly recommended stop is Kohala Coast. On this particular section of Hawaii, should luxury be a desire for the family, there are eight different resorts at which to stay, all of which are among the "Top Fifty Tropical Resorts Worldwide."

Lastly, if the family finds themselves on the southern underside of Hawaii, then perhaps their best bet would be to reside in the Sheraton Keauhou. With a recently built pool and, out in the natural environment, oceans in which visitors can feed manta rays, this resort is definitely a plus for families.

In terms of things to actually do when staying in Hawaii, there are several options here as well. Getting out on the water is a very fun idea, one that includes many different ways to do so. The Outrigger Ride Hotel, for example, offers catamaran rides. Several companies offer cruises throughout the day, such as for lunchtime or watching the sun set with activities including windsurfing.

Oahu offers an incredible opportunity to revisit history for the children. Pearl Harbor houses the USS Arizona Memorial, which is a National Park that offers a Junior Ranger Guide Book program. This program lets kids complete a book containing fun and amusing activities and subsequently receive a badge. Near the park is an opportunity to tour the USS Bowfin submarine as well.

It would be unheard of to visit Hawaii and not complete the tradition of Hawaiian feasts! Doing the Luau is simply a rite of passage for tourists of all ages. Expect a nice buffet and a splashy show! Liquor is available when visiting the Paradise Cove Luau, but not at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Waikiki Beach houses the Hilton Hawaiian Village in addition to these two locations, which has on-property luaus.

Tourists perhaps viewed Hawaii at one of its finest angles while on the plane ride over - unless, of course, they did not take to the skies! Either way, there are different places to take a gliding tour. Not only does this method of transportation offer views of the beautiful, natural landscape of the hills and coast of Hawaii, tourists can get that "soaring" feeling when in the skies. On Oahu's North Shore, Honolulu Soaring is one place to go to sign up for one of these rides.

Last, but certainly not least, there is a huge veranda, which is reminiscent of British colonial glory days, offering a view of a hundred year old banyan tree and beyond that, the surf. This pleasant view can only be found at the Moana Surfrider along with some of Hawaii's finest tea. As for the children, with advanced reservation notice required, they can even have their own tea party at a separate table if desired or use a kids' menu.

As can easily be seen, there are many, many activities and points of interests for families who are looking to add memories to the story of their lives. Hawaii contains all of these amazing experiences and so much more.