Nickelodeon Family Cruise

Need an awesome family vacation? Then a week long Nickelodeon Family Cruise is what you want. You can experience an innovative level of entertainment for the whole family with Nickelodeon at Sea.

Nickelodeon has joined with Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean so families can have a grand time with each other. Meet your much loved characters like a goofy SpongeBob Squarepants, preschoolers Dora the Explorer and Ni Hao Kai Lin, magical Fairly Odd Parents and more. They will even join you in breakfast! Also here is your chance to meet some of your favorite stars.

You can have a blast playing their signature game Slime Time Live. They have story time, family imrov, scavenger hunts, gigantic water slides, video game room, bowling alley, pool, kiddy pool, a kids club, a teen room, pc library, sports complex, rock-climbing wall, golf, and more. Nickelodeon offers arts & crafts and treasure hunts for little ones and pizza-making party, Wii and teen dance club for teens. They also have team-building challenges to build your families. Parents they even have an adult only solarium with spas, whirlpools, and fitness center. Nickelodeon offers live parades, boutique shops, restaurants and lounges in a strip in the middle of a ship from the royal Caribbean. Nick offers live music the whole family can enjoy. Room service will also be provided in your stateroom.

 If you want an off shore experience made just for families then you have many choices like scuba diving, snorkeling, dog sledding, trekking the pyramids in Egypt, sailing, shopping, and more. This cruise goes most places for you to enjoy different experiences like Bermuda, Bahamas, Florida, Canada, New England, Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii and more.

Parents take pleasure in spending time with your kids without the worry of them getting bored. This cruise is a family vacation that everyone from toddler to adult will never forget. Benefit from fine dining to family dinner. Parents we all know how it is dining with your family. Here they expect kids to be kids. The family will reconnect on a whole different level. There is no need to worry about anything but fun in the sun! 

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