Family Fun Skiing Trip

Traveling to Family Ski Trip

Skiing is an excellent physical activity that can be enjoyed with the entire family. As an alternative to the traditional vacation, family ski trips provide the added benefits of exercise and enjoying the outdoors. Whether a regular at the slopes or a newcomer, there are several things to keep in mind when preparing for a family ski trip. Once the destination has been determined - and there are thousands to choose from - preparedness is the best way to ensure a good, safe trip for everyone involved. With children in tow it is especially important to anticipate the unexpected and roll with the punches. A positive attitude and energetic demeanor will help to keep the kids motivated and cooperative. Flying or driving are both obvious options for travel to the resort or slopes, though taking into consideration the weather patterns at the time of the year the trip is scheduled may sway the traveler one way or another. It is detrimental to schedule and relaxation to get stuck in traffic, or snow, on the way to or from a family skiing trip.

Skiing with the Kids

Taking a skiing trip with kids throws a wrench into the traditional ski lodge romance so typically enjoyed by couples and groups of older adults. Nowadays, many ski resorts cater to families and provide services for planning an inclusive trip with children. It is beneficial to research both the slopes and the accommodations at the destination to ensure there are plenty of kid-friendly services. Hotels that cater to the family will often refer restaurants that do not frown upon children. When focusing on a resort destination for an extended family skiing trip, it might be a good idea to reserve a room with a kitchen or kitchenette. Bringing food or shopping at a local grocery store is often less expensive than eating out every night of the trip, and provides the added enjoyment of sit down family dinners without the bustle and concern of dining out.

Ski Lesson for Families and Kids

Any good resort or skiing trip destination will have a number of slopes for varying skill levels. If the traveling family does not have their own equipment, the first stop should be the lodge for renting ski equipment. Novices won't be affected much by the equipment from a performance standpoint, so comfort should be the first priority. Families with children who are not experienced skiers should contact the resort ahead of time to see if lessons are offered at a group rate in accordance with the hotel reservation. Lodges and hotels are often business partners that offer cut rates for guests using their amenities. Lessons can be taken individually or as a group, so it is up to the consumer which they would prefer. Group lessons are enjoyable for families of novice skiers looking to learn a new activity together and laugh about the pitfalls of beginner skiing.

Families Enjoy Being Together When Not Skiing

Family skiing trips can be complemented by other activities in the region of the resort or mountain. It might be a good idea to purchase passes for 3 days out of a 4 day trip to leave time for other activities. Along with a hotel pool or indoor water park, there might be activities in a lodge town for the family to enjoy. Sled rides, tubing, hiking trails and historical landmarks are all great things to enjoy as a side trip to a family skiing vacation. It is important not to over schedule any trip with kids involved. Staying fresh while on the trip makes for a better time than pushing everyone's limits of patience and energy. It might be nice, after a particularly exhausting day on the slopes, to enjoy each other's company at the hotel or shopping in a nearby village or town.